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You are going through something, right now, and I am here to help you.

I have been through a lot in my life…

About Me.

I am a daughter of an immigrant mother and I have dealt with racial hate and have been treated as an outcast during my childhood because I am Asian.  I just did not fit in.

I have dealt with the immense pain and grief of death when my older sister died suddenly at the age of 43, it turned my world upside down. 

I suffered fertility issues resulting in numerous miscarriages (more than I care to count).  We tried IVF as well, all of this led to many gut-health issues, mood and energy imbalance, and so on. 

My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, had two brain surgeries and suffered from a scary brain infection.  This was a challenging time for all of us.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Stage 2) in 2018 and have been on a journey to cultivate wellbeing in Mind-Body-Spirit.  I continue to manage this, and knowing that my mother was diagnosed 20 years ago with breast cancer and is still showing great strength and determination, I hold onto hope.

Yes, I have had my share of pain, suffering, tragedy, and loss. 

But this is not my full story.  There is so much more.  There is laughter, hope, love, success, kindness, connectedness, and “aliveness” …a deepening in my relationships, a completeness in my life that had been missing, and a feeling of deep contentment. 

All of this has led me to you…

My story is to impact your life in some way.

I started Full Life Coach to help others.  My mission is flourishing people and workplaces.

What is flourishing?  Great question!

Flourishing is a state of thriving and living towards what you value most, it is using your greatest strengths.   Flourishing goes beyond just “feeling happy” (happy is, by the way, only an emotion like anger, sadness, joy, contentment, frustration, etc.  All emotions come and go…).  Flourishing is so much more than a fleeting emotion. 

Flourishing is a state of wellbeing no matter what is happening around you. 

“To flourish is to find fulfillment in our lives, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level—in essence, living the “good life” (Seligman, 2011).”

Yeah – I know what you are thinking…sounds pie in the sky. 

And yet I have helped hundreds of people to flourish…

…by finding their “dream” jobs

…through discovering ways to connect more deeply with others

…by understanding how they are uniquely “wired”, what makes them “tick”, and to uncover their greatest strengths and joys

…by taking actions to live healthier and find motivation to change poor habits

…and enjoy more freedom from the stress!

I can help you flourish!

My coaching approach is to integrate Strengths and Positive Psychology Methods and Assessments, science-proven Mindfulness techniques towards improving habits and achieving goals, and Mind-Body-Spirit practices that will move you towards whatever you are trying to achieve.  We can tackle career development and stress, or we can work through relationships and health, or any other combination in life.  The results will be the same –

You will find a new direction and it will have a lasting, positive impact on your life.   

About my expertise, training, and certifications:

  • Career Coach for 20 years
  • Leader & Manager Feedback Coach for 10 years
  • Certified-Strengths Coach (Gallup) – coaching individuals, couples, families, and teams
  • Certified Unified Mindfulness Meditation Coach (Level 2)
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach (from Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and completed: 

Emotional Eating Psychology Program
Mastery of Coaching Program

  • Life Navigation: A Coaching Masterclass Series, Positive Psychology, this includes completion of each program:

Emotional Intelligence
Positive Relationships
Balancing Life Domains
Meaning & Valued Living
Motivation & Goal Achievement
The Science of Self-Acceptance
Maximizing Strengths
Realizing Resilience

  • Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (completed ACT Immersion, Dr. Steven Hayes program and The Happiness Trap, Russ Harris program)
  • Trained to deliver Mindfulness X classes and workshops (Positive Psychology)
  • Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC
    • DiSC Workplace
    • DiSC Productive Conflict
    • DiSC Agile EQ
    • DiSC Management
  • Authorized Partner for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and The Five Behaviors Assessment
  • Trained to deliver High Performance Manager program for small groups and workshops (Gallup)
  • Currently completing Gottman Institute Couples Therapy Level 1
  • Currently completing training for Emotional Intelligence EQ-I 2.0 Assessments and Feedback

Ok, enough about me.

I want to help you.

If you are feeling stuck…

I invite you to contact me today!

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